Conditions of Use

Conditions of Use

General Conditions ofUse of the Website


Donostia International Physics Center (from hereon DIPC), located at P¼ Manuel de Lardizabal 4, 20018, Donostia - San Sebasti‡n, with Tax ID G-20662292,  and represented by its Chairman, Pedro Etxenike Landiribar with ID number 15.769.378-A makes informative content about their activities available for consultation on their website:

These general conditions apply exclusively to use of the DIPC website by USERS who access the site. They are displayed for USER consultation at the following website and appear on each and every page every time a USER enters their data into a form and can be read, printed out, stored and accepted on-line. USERS will not be able to complete their data entry until they have accepted them.

The Donostia International Physics Center was registered in the Foundations Register with number F-72 on the 22 June, 1999 and published in the Basque Official Gazette on 16 July, 1999.

Access to the DIPC website implies the full acceptance of the following conditions of use which the USER declares he/she has fully understood. The USER promises not to use this website or the services offered on it to commit any crimes and to observe at all times the mentioned conditions of use.


1.1.- There is no obligation for USERS to register in order to use the DIPC website, unless they wish to use the database of articles contained in  In this case, USERS will have to register by filling in a simple form. Said registration shall be governed by the conditions of use. Access to this website is strictly governed by current legislation and based on the principle of good faith which obliges the USER to put the website to good use. All those acts that violate the law, rights or interests of third parties are expressly forbidden including: the right to privacy, data protection, copyright, etc. DIPC expressly forbids:

1.1.1.- Any action that may give rise to, either on or through the website, by whatever means, any harm to the DIPC systems and/or third parties.

1.1.2.- Any direct or covert advertising or commercial information, spamming or mail bombing aimed at blocking internet servers.

1.2.- DIPC can, at any time, prevent access to their website should they detect any form of use which violates the law, good faith or these general conditions – see clause five.

TWO.- CONTENT.- The content of this website has been prepared and uploaded by:

2.1.- DIPC using internal and external sources, in such a way that DIPC shall only accept responsibility for the content that was prepared internally.

2.2.- Third parties outside DIPC, either via direct collaboration on the website or through hyperlinks or links to other websites or news from other sites not owned by DIPC. Under no circumstances shall DIPC accept responsibility for the content uploaded in this way nor can they guarantee the correct functioning of all these links and hyperlinks. Any USER wishing to put a hyperlink on their website, thus connecting it to the DIPC website shall not illegally use the information made available on said website nor shall they violate the principle of good faith.
2.3.- DIPC reserves the right to modify at any moment the content of their website.

THREE.- ROYALTIES AND REGISTERED TRADEMARKS.- DIPC is a registered trademark. No outsider shall make use by any means of the DIPC trademark, including the name and logo, unless express permission is given by DIPC. All rights reserved. Additionally, the DIPC website has full royalties protection and any reproduction, communication, distribution or processing of the protected elements of the trademark is forbidden unless express consent is given by DIPC.

FOUR.- LEGISLATION APPLICABLE.- These general conditions are governed by Spanish legislation. Any controversy or conflict arising from them shall be settled in the courts of Donostia-San Sebastian and the USER expressly agrees to waive any other jurisdictional rights.

FIVE.- If any of the clauses in this document are declared null and void, the remainder shall remain in force and shall be interpreted in consideration of the will of the parties and the ultimate aim of these generation conditions. DIPC may elect not to exercise some of the rights and faculties conferred on them by this document. This does not mean that they waive them, unless DIPC expressly declare as such.


Intellectual and Industrial Property

The content and information bound by copyright and owned by DIPC, their users or third parties and made available on the portal, is subject to the Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike 3.0 license of its home page.

If there is any copyright specificity of the content different to the general license of the home page, the applicable licence or rights reserved shall be clearly and expressly stated.

Any patent rights that may be applicable shall be held and reserved by DIPC, or their legitimate owners, registered at the Basque CountryÕs Foundations register. Members of the DIPC community may use the DIPC image provided they make the necessary request to